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I hope you fail as well.

Ahh writing this, not knowing if people will read it or even care about it, is kind of oddly refreshing. I can pen down anything I want to say, without worrying about the consequences or judgement.

I have always wanted to do something. Never the one who can just do one job, one task and stay happy. COVID came as the worst blessing in the life where I was given the opportunity and the time to explore a totally different side of me. I started with uploading YouTube video as every 18-year-old thinks - it is the quickest and simplest way to earn money - and oh god I was so wrong.

Even though I didn't succeed with my YouTube channel, it became the way to start my Instagram page. It was the time when reels were just beginning. I never expected to earn or reach millions of people, I just wanted to create content that can actually help people. Making students life easier, adult life more productive and fun for everyone. Surprise, surprise, we helped a lot of people, over 100 million I guess, which looks just another number but always make me happy that I was able to give something back to so many people.

Moving forward, a lot has happened, and this site is another step. The purpose of this site is helping people with my blogs (& other stuff with time), reaching out to more brands and creating something which can exists for years to come.

Moral of the story is you have to keep going. You may never know when failure is the only route on which success exists. So do stuff, experiment, learn and fail!

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